Amanda + Zach | A Cabin Engagement Session in Northern Wisconsin

Words cannot even describe the amount of love I have for these two souls, or how excited I am for their wedding in June. Zach and I met years ago, when I was in the middle of my internship with the Green Bay Packers. I was a year in, and he moved to town from New England to become the second public relations intern in the office. I immediately was drawn to Zach’s kind and funny personality, and we quickly became friends during some very long hours at Lambeau Field.

A few months later, Amanda walked through our office doors to start her internship in marketing. She had just graduated college at UW Madison and was full of that new grad spunk. You’d think we would have hit it off right away, but as soon as she introduced herself to Zach, and I saw his eyes light up, I was so worried she was going to take my new friend away from me! So obviously, I wasn’t an immediate fan. BUT, after a few short days, she grew on me and we started hanging out, forming an amazing friend group with several other interns on the team.

The years that we spent working at Lambeau Field are honestly some of the fondest memories of my life. For many people, their favorite years are college, but for me, every early morning spent at Lambeau, and every late night at Hagemeister Park were truly my favorite times. These two humans are the main reason that I loved this season of my life so much. I was able to witness their relationship begin, develop, survive long distances (like when Amanda moved away to work for the Miami Dolphins, and then again when Zach moved to work for the Philadelphia Eagles) and then mature when Amanda also secured a job with the Eagles. I watched them experience the joys of finally being together after so many years apart, I chatted with them on the phone when they moved into their new place together in Philly, and they Facetimed me the night they got engaged in their backyard. We cried. Big time.

These two have welcomed me into their families over the years, as they’ve been welcomed into mine. They’re truly the kind of friends that feel more like family, and I don’t know what I would be like today if we hadn’t met so many years ago.

So, it goes without saying that this wedding means a lot to me. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day you two met, and I seriously cannot wait for June. For now, enjoy a few photos of these lovebirds, from our summer weekend at Amanda’s cabin. <3

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