The Sadowsky Family | An End-of-Summer Session at Fonferek’s Glen

This family is so special to me for so many reasons. In high school, you could find me hanging out at the Sadowsky household on any given night. Usually, Carol was making something yummy for dinner, and Emily and I would play songs on the piano in their living room. It was a totally comfortable place to be. And while I loved this family during my high school and college years, I love them even more now.

This story isn’t one that I’ve told before, mostly because it’s hard to talk about. See, shortly after we graduated college, the world lost one of it’s brightest souls, and we lost our friend, sister, and daughter Emily. She died in a car accident while she was on her way to her new home in Minnesota. Since then, it’s been hard. No family should ever have to go through what these wonderful people have had to endure. But their story is also one of healing, and I’ve seen this tight-knit family in recent years begin to feel joy again. Joy for them has mostly come in the form of these four adorable kiddos. If Emily were here, she’d have three sweet nieces, and one handsome nephew, and that kind of kills me. I know she would have made the best aunt. But I find comfort in knowing that she’s watching from Heaven, and smiling as these kids grow.

Healing. I’m humbled to witness it. I know that this family will never be the same. Heck, I’ll never be the same. But lately, I’ve seen the happiness start to creep back in, and I can feel His love surrounding this family every time I’m near them.

This family will always have my heart.

And just for kicks, here’s a lovely throwback of Emily and I. 🙂 We miss you Em!

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